Last dream is the only reality, 2007

Responding to a car accident that me and friend Jan de Bruin found ourselves in, (which was a frontal collision to a streetlight resulting in a broken back) we showed a fake memorial in a Rotterdam gallery based in the

Daan & Anique, 2007

Selection of pictures Me and my boyfriend Daan den Houter set out looking for new boyfriends and girlfriends for each other, especially looking for people who we thought made better visual matches than ourselves as a couple. I went looking

The new family (The Hague sculpture), 2007

A research about society’s hierarchy and social conventions within the Western-Dutch family. I constructed new families by adding total strangers to each other temporarily, after which they were taken to a family’s day out under my supervision.

Un crowding art, Museumnight 2007, Rotterdam

    Performance with Alejandra Huerta during the Museum night Rotterdam 2007.                    A statement about : if you really look at the art during these kind events. 

City Marathon, Rotterdam 2006

A project in which I invited all my female friends and acquaintances to run the Rotterdam marathon on high heels. portraying how I want to see the women in my environment. It’s a kind of feminism in which women use