Trying to be turkish, 2011

A performance and visual research where I attempt to become one with the culture of the Turkish city Istanbul, which at the same time I realize will never happen, because of my appearance and descent.

The ultimate seduction 2012 & naturel 2011

  A video installation resulting of a photo from a Series of photos in wich I created images of my little facination an figments of my direct envirement.    

Kratje Grolsch, Crate of Grolsch, 2011

Performance in which I try to drink an entire crate of Grolsch beer on my own, during which I make a self portrait with my Mamiya RB 67. This is a reaction to a particular sub-culture in the area of

Het Hondenhok” (The Dog House), 2011

For this work I delved into the world of Dutch teenagers who mostly live in smaller towns and villages, creating their own sub-culture. They form groups by building their own bars in wooden sheds in which they can create their