experiment 01, (Between the sheets), 2013

Experiment 01 (Between the sheets), 2013 , Installation/ performance with sheet fabric
In a 200 m2 apartment on the 37th floor of The Red Apple, I made an installation entirely covering the appartment by a large white sheet. During the two months of the exhibition, residents of the apartment as well as visitors were forced to move around underneath the sheet in the surreal and inescapably intimate room which was created. The connection between the installation and its surroundings was a significant part of the work. The way it related to the space and the architecture in which it was placed – a white and almost cloud-like landscape placed about 120 meters above ground – was essential to the experience. Besides establishing intimate and confronting meetings between people in a setting removed from everyday reality, Between the Sheets is also an aesthetically beautiful object, a sculptural response to the experiences generated by the architecture

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