experiment 01, (Between the sheets), 2013

Experiment 01 (Between the sheets), 2013 , Installation/ performance with sheet fabric In a 200 m2 apartment on the 37th floor of The Red Apple, I made an installation entirely covering the appartment by a large white sheet. During the

photo serie, being red, 2013

After having sex with Daan, 2013 Invinting Cokkie Snoei and Fons Welters to my opening, 2013 Running 5 km from my home to my atelier, 2013 Putting my head for 5 minutes under cold tap water, 2013

The new familie,presentation, 2012

For the form festival , I was asked to give a presentation about my family research project The new family. A research about society’s hierarchy and social conventions within the Western-Dutch family. I constructed new families by adding total strangers